Our Leather Phone Cases have been hand-crafted using high quality, soft American top grain leather.

Any imperfections are part of the beauty of the leather. It’s important to remember that leather is an organic material, like your skin. Unlike cases made entirely of plastic, smooth leather case is susceptible to tears and rips when exposed to sharp objects or when dropped on rough surfaces. Scratches, scuffs, and stains are part of normal wear and tear.

Keep in mind that the main purpose of the phone case is to protect your device from falls and scratches. Given how frequent we use our mobile phone (on average 200 times per day), the reality is that many of us will drop our phones many times. As such, the phone case is simply subject to more intense wear and tear and will wear out faster than any other small leather goods.

Here are some tips to make your leather case last longer:


Keep your leather case away from water and moisture. Be careful with hand lotion and sanitizers as the high alcohol concentration will break the finish on smooth leather, dissolves dyes and in worst cases even damage the actual grain of the leather.


The best method to clean leather case is with a damp microfiber or soft cloth using water only. Do not use alcohol or disinfectant wipes to clean the leather case.

After cleaning, let dry naturally.


Avoid exposure to abrasive surfaces. For lighter colors, we recommend avoiding exposure to dark denim or other dark fabrics with loose dye, as the leather could be subject to transfer or stains.