Follow these steps to remove your AirPods case:

1. Remove the cap

Remove the cap from the back side of the case. Please note: Do not remove the cap from the front side as this may cause the hinge of the AirPods to break.

2. Use the remover tool to push the bottom piece out

A remover tool is included in the box.

Insert the remover tool in the charging port of the AirPods.

Place the remover tool on a solid surface and push the bottom piece out.

3. Slide the AirPods out from the case

Slide the AirPods out by pulling it gently off the case.


If you misplaced the remover tool. Try using a charging cable instead. Insert the charging cable in the charging port. Then, push the charging cable upwards whilst holding the case from the sides. A couple of firm pushes and the AirPods should come straight out. Please note: Your charging cable might get damaged from this method, so please use an old charging cable.

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