Follow these steps to install your new AirPods case properly:

1. Clean your AirPods

Clean the surface of your AirPods with isopropyl alcohol to remove any dust, grime, and oil.

Allow it to dry.

2. Make sure the top and bottom pieces are on the right way round.

The back of the case has a curved opening to allow the hinge of the AirPods to open and close.

The straight side should be applied to the front.

3. Install the bottom piece first

Insert the AirPods in the bottom piece of the case and press firmly.

4. Install the top piece

Install the top piece on the right way round. Press firmly on top.

Straight side (front)
Curved side (back)

5. Adjust

Open the lid and adjust the top piece so that the top and bottom pieces properly meet.

6. Apply the adhesive strip (optional step)

The case offers a snug fit. If you prefer an extra tight seal, the cap has an optional adhesive strip on the inside – remove the plastic film and install the top of the case back on your AirPods firmly.


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